Recap: New Illinois laws for 2024

New year, new laws for Illinois. Throughout 2023, the Illinois legislature made many changes to improve the lives of millions of Illinois residents, and these changes will become law as we ring in 2024. Some may get you into trouble if you’re unaware of them.

Others could impact a pending personal injury case, so talk to your Chicago personal injury attorney.

Until then, let’s review some new laws that will take effect in 2024.

new illinois laws 2024

New Illinois wage, employment, and welfare laws in 2024

PA 101-0001: Minimum wage increase

Wages for non-tipped workers will increase to $14 per hour, while tipped workers will see a new minimum wage of $8.40 per hour. Employees under 18 who work less than 650 hours per year will see a minimum wage hike to $12.

HB 1541: Protects gas and electric services on hot days

The bill prohibits utility companies from turning off gas or electric services for households behind on their bills when temperatures are over 90 degrees or if there is a heat advisory, watch, or warning. This protects vulnerable elderly and children during heat waves.

HB 1363: Employers are liable for gender-related violence

Employers are now liable for the actions of an employee if they were performing job-related duties and caused injury to another person under the Gender Violence Act. It also establishes a civil statute of limitations of four years for gender-related violence injuries.

HB 2562: Landlords must meet new heating and cooling requirements

Landlords and property owners who limit the lease or purchase of residential properties to people 55 and older must abide by new housing requirements for cooling and heating standards.

New cannabis and drug laws for 2024

SB 1886: Prohibits courts from requiring drug tests or monitoring devices for legal substances

A court cannot order someone on probation, supervision, or conditional discharge to refrain from having alcohol or cannabis in their body unless the presence of alcohol or drugs is an element of the charge under which they were convicted (and serving probation for), or unless the person is participating in Problem-Solving Court.

HB 3924: All high schools must teach students about the dangers of fentanyl in state-mandated health classes

With opioid deaths on the rise and the risk of other drugs being laced with fentanyl, the hope is that these fentanyl instruction classes will help keep teens away from the dangerous substance.

HB 1121: A complementary law to HB 3924

This law permits trained overdose responders to dispense drug adulterant testing supplies, checking for traces of other substances like fentanyl, in the drugs purported to be consumed by the person who overdosed. It’s part of the Drug Overdose Prevention Program overseen by the Department of Human Services.

HB 3203: Fentanyl test strips to be sold over-the-counter

Pharmacists and other retailers may now sell fentanyl strips over-the-counter for consumers to test controlled substances for the presence of fentanyl.

New gun laws in 2024

HB 2412: Disclosing key information about firearms used in crimes

Illinois State Police must use all reasonable efforts to make key information about firearms used in a crime to be public knowledge for cases that are reported to and investigated by the Illinois State Police.

New driving laws in 2024

HB 2389: No vehicle can be stopped and searched solely on the presence of objects suspended or placed on the front windshield

This could include dash cams or even a pair of fuzzy dice. However, if you have a dash cam, it must still be placed per Illinois dash cam laws.

HB 2431: Prohibits anyone from operating a vehicle while using an electronic device to access any social media site or participate in a video conference

This expands the Illinois texting and driving laws, and now, if a driver is using their phone in virtually any way, they could be held liable for causing an accident.

HB 2582: Motorcyclists under 18 do not have to complete the motorcycle driver’s exam administered by the Illinois Secretary of State

However, the motorcycle driver’s examination can help younger, less-experienced drivers learn more about safe motorcycle operations.

SB 0896: Motorcycle safety requirements

Motorcycles must have two forward-facing driving lights and electric turn signals emitting a white or amber light when signaling or operating.

New sick leave laws in 2024

HB 3516: Sick leave requirements for organ donors

Employers with 51 or more employees or employers considered a local government unit or a board of election commissioners, must allow employees up to 10 days of paid leave to serve as an organ donor. It established one period of paid leave in any 12-month period.

SB 2034: Leave for grieving parents

Employers with 250 or more employees must provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for parents who have lost a child due to homicide or suicide.

Do you need legal help?

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