Play Yard may be Choking Hazard to Small Children



Our son, Connor, likely ingested several long pieces of plastic from a play yard several months ago. He was given treatment at Children’s Memorial, and although the doctor found nothing in his airway/trachea, she averred the product represented a choking hazard.
We have made a demand letter to the retailer, and several followup letters, to no avail. I gave them until 9/15 to respond – all I was demanding was out of pocket.
I realize this may not be of much interest to you – our actual damages are less than $1000 – but I contact you for two reasons: are you interested in possible class action? And, in the event we go pro-se with this, do you have the name of the Illinois Registered Agent?

–Paul, Chicago


Certainly if the play yard contains plastic pieces that are dangerous to children that would in fact constitute a products liability case. Its amazing that the retailer doesn’t try to resolve the case for the small amounts you’re requesting. This is just another example of how they don’t care about your son or if their product hurts people. They only care about the money they make.
We would be interested in pursuing a class action if this were happening to many people. Do you have evidence of this being the case?
To find the registered agent, you can go to the website of the Secretary of State of Illinois. They have a section for looking up registered agents. You can also call the Secretary of state to obtain that information. 312-792-3380, 217-782-7880 are 2 numbers. It’s free.