What are the safest and the most dangerous forms of transportation in Chicago?

Staying safe in a large city like Chicago means being aware of your surroundings and making informed choices. When you must commute to work, sightsee, or shop, you must know Chicago’s safest and most dangerous forms of transportation.

Regardless of how you get around Chicago, you risk being hurt by someone negligent or malicious. When another individual has harmed you, you can seek compensation for your injuries and property damage. You need guidance from an experienced legal advocate, such as a Chicago car accident lawyer.

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Getting around Chicago – Public transportation versus private

Unlike smaller towns and cities, Chicago, IL, has the advantage of being both a central hub for air and train travel and a well-developed public transportation system. Buses and local trains are everywhere, bringing commuters and returning them home daily. Amtrak, the national rail service, also feeds directly into the city for visitors.

In addition, many people drive cars or ride motorcycles in and around the city daily. Regardless of how you get here, it’s necessary to look at the statistics surrounding each form of transport. The bottom line is this: the more potential interactions with other vehicles your transport has, the higher the risk of an accident or injury it carries.

Chicago trains

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) boasts an average weekly rider count of around 1.6 million. The system connects 35 suburban neighborhoods to the downtown area and provides bus and train service to all points in between. While highly safe, when accidents do occur, they can be devastating.

Many of the worst collisions happen when a car or truck gets hit by a bus or train. A train can cause tremendous injury to passengers in smaller vehicles. However, these occur at railroad crossings, for the most part, but CTA buses share the streets with drivers every hour of the day. Our personal injury attorneys have seen cases of permanent disability and death, even though these accidents are much rarer than the average car crash.

Private cars, motorcycles, and walking

Driving your car or truck can be one of the riskiest choices in a large city. The chance of having an accident with another passenger vehicle, a bus, a train, a motorcycle, a bicycle, or a pedestrian is very high. The Illinois Department of Transportation reported almost 1,150 deadly crashes in the state, with nearly 400 happening in Cook County.

On the other side of the crash, motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, and pedestrians are always in jeopardy if a car or bus driver fails to drive safely. That same IDOT report shows that of the fatalities that occurred in car accidents, 190 were pedestrian deaths, and 146 were motorcycle riders.

What is the most dangerous form of transportation?

Undoubtedly, being a pedestrian is the most dangerous form of transportation simply because you have no protection from moving vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that pedestrians account for 17% of yearly traffic fatalities.

Motorcycles and cars are the second and third most dangerous forms of transportation in Chicago. Many factors lead to motorcycle accidents. This includes being smaller, less common, and having no surrounding vehicle to absorb the impact. Riders can be thrown from their bikes. Although fewer motorcycles are on the road, they make up 14% of traffic fatalities (NHTSA data).

Cars are much more dangerous than public buses and trains. As more people have gotten back to their lives as they were before COVID-19, the NHTSA has seen an increase in the number of passenger car accidents and fatalities. Speed, alcohol, road rage, and distraction all play a role in causing car crashes.

What is the safest form of transportation in Chicago?

It turns out that taking CTA trains and buses is the safest way to get from place to place in Chicago compared with other transportation methods. However, although there are lower rates of injuries and fatalities on trains and city buses, the risk of life-altering accidents is still high, especially when compared to transit systems in other cities.

Learn more by speaking with a Chicago car accident lawyer

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