No fishing in pajamas and 4 other strange laws in Illinois

There are many strange laws in Illinois. Although you may not initially be aware of these laws, you might be surprised to learn how these laws could have an impact on not only your life but your right to compensation after suffering an injury.

Your Chicago personal injury attorney is responsible for carefully evaluating how your injuries occurred so we can build a case against the liable party. Throughout the course of our investigation, we may uncover multiple strange laws in Illinois that could influence your opportunities for financial relief. Here are some of the weirdest laws we have come across over the years.

strange illinois laws

Strange rules for women and men

In Mount Pulaski, it is illegal for girls to throw snowballs, but boys can. In Eureka, mustachioed men are prohibited from kissing women. Until recently, men were also barred from walking around without a shirt on in public.

Weird Illinois alcohol laws

Illinois also has many laws that involve alcohol consumption. For example, in Bloomington, you are not allowed to order a bottle of water from a bar and attempt to leave with it. Pullman residents are prohibited from sitting on a curb and drinking their alcoholic beverages out of a bucket.

The origin of these weird Illinois alcohol laws is not certain. However, if you suffer injuries and these laws apply in some way, it may make your case more complex.

Interesting dog laws in Illinois

Illinois is also home to many interesting and odd dog laws. For example, many cities prohibit making faces at dogs. This one may have some merit, as making the wrong face at a canine could be considered provocation if the animal goes on to bite or attack you.

Illinois follows a strict liability system under 510 ILCS 5/1 for dog bites, so if you make faces at a dog that attacks you, you may have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the dog’s owner. Other fascinating dog laws in Illinois include:

  • Being prohibited from allowing your dog to drink whiskey or smoke cigars
  • Dog owners are prohibited from allowing their dogs to smell bad

These are just a couple of these strange dog and animal laws in the state. There are likely many others we have yet to hear about. Usually, these laws only become known when specific circumstances apply or someone suffers severe bodily injury or death.

Regulations against toys

You might be surprised to learn of some of the strangest laws regarding toys, including slingshots, kites, and bikes. Many of the state’s premises liability laws might apply in these instances. For example, you are legally prohibited from flying a kite in Chicago.

Bicyclists are prohibited from engaging in “fancy riding.” However, the law does not define what “fancy riding” is, so you may not be sure whether you are breaking the law while riding your bike on Illinois city streets. Additionally, law enforcement officers are allowed to use a slingshot, but anyone else is prohibited from doing so.

In premises liability cases or defective product claims, property owners and toy, bike, or parts manufacturers can be sued for the victim’s damages if their negligence contributed to the accident. You could expect the defense to argue you broke one of these strange Illinois laws in an attempt to reduce their financial liability.

Why is it illegal to fish in pajamas in Chicago?

No one knows why it is illegal to fish in pajamas in Chicago. Other weird fishing-related laws include being prohibited from fishing on your wedding day, having sex while hunting, and even fishing while sitting on a giraffe’s neck. It is unclear where these laws originated, but if you plan to fish in the Windy City, do what you can to avoid these interesting situations.

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