Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic from a Chicago Accident Attorney


5 Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic from a Chicago Accident Attorney

Traffic is not only a frustration for people with busy schedules, but it is also a dangerous hazard for all road users. When traffic slows unexpectedly, there is an increased risk of rear-end accidents, and frayed tempers can lead to poor decisions.
If you regularly find yourself in traffic as many of us do in Chicago, there are several tips that you can use to reduce the risk of a collision.

tips for driving in heavy traffic

Reduce Your Speed

If you approach an area with traffic, slow down and remain in your lane. It may be tempting to try changing to a lane that appears to be moving faster, but this often leads to serious accidents. If you carefully reduce your speed and accept the fact that you cannot beat the traffic ahead, then you will be in a far safer position.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is important to maintain a safe following distance at all times. This will give you enough time to take evasive action should the traffic slow unexpectedly.

Keep Calm

Many people get frustrated and lose their tempers in traffic (road rage). This, again, can put you in harm’s way.
Frustrated drivers do not focus on potential road hazards, and they tend to make poor driving decisions. You should take a deep breath, calm down and accept that there is nothing you can do to change the situation.

Brake Gently

Careful braking is critical to avoiding an accident in the event of a sudden traffic jam. Do not step on the brakes too hard; a sudden stop could increase your risk of skidding into the car in front, or it may catch the driver behind you unaware.

Signal Intentions

It is more important than ever to signal your intentions when you are in a traffic jam. Make use of your signals for all turns and lane changes, and be sure to check your blind spots carefully for motorcyclists who may be splitting the lanes between the lines of traffic.
There is not much you can do to change traffic patterns, but if you keep your cool and drive safely, then you may be able to avert a serious crash.
If you were in an accident that another driver caused, do not hesitate to contact our accident attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates for advice. Our attorneys can provide insight on your situation and determine if you may have valid grounds for a claim. To schedule a consultation with a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer, call us today at (800)-985-1819.

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