What happens when you reject an insurance settlement offer?

An injury can strike in the most unexpected moments at work, on the road, running errands at the grocery store, or any place you go throughout a busy day.

Time off from work, daily chores, doctor visits, and medical bills often come together to produce an overwhelming uncertainty about managing a pileup of life’s events. Solutions are needed for the financial demands you’re facing, and sometimes, it can be hard to know where to turn for help.

When you have been injured and are facing an uphill battle, speaking with a Chicago personal injury attorney is the first step to helping you reclaim stability, particularly when you question the fairness of an insurance settlement offer and are considering rejecting it because it does not adequately compensate for your losses.

what happens when you reject an insurance settlement offer

Reasons to reject a settlement offer

Many injury victims are not aware of their right to reject an insufficient offer and never consider what happens when you reject an insurance settlement offer. It is not a sign of greed to do this, and you deserve compensation for the damages you suffer due to a personal injury.

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates knows that dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, particularly when improper claims practices are used.

Often an individual will agree to the first settlement offer just to have the process over with, especially when the settlement comes in quickly from an agent wanting to be helpful.

Sadly, these are tactics used to promptly settle a claim, eliminating the chances of negotiating a settlement offer that aligns with the loss you have suffered. You may wonder what happens if I reject a settlement offer. First, consider these reasons that might indicate the settlement offer you are receiving is unfair.

Evidence in an accident is disregarded

An insurance adjuster should consider all the evidence submitted in a claim. Still, you may be finding they are overlooking significant damages, not investigating thoroughly, or seeming to downplay the costs for repairs, medical treatment, or other expenses. These red flags are indicators that you may get an inappropriate settlement offer.

You are blamed for your injuries

Placing a portion or all the blame on the injured person is a deceptive tactic used to convince an injured person they were negligent in an accident, do not deserve compensation, or should at least be satisfied with any offer of compensation. Fighting these allegations is when you need help from a Chicago personal injury attorney most.

Investigation into the causes of an accident, interviews with witnesses, accident reconstruction, and expert testimony are just a few tools that can be used to prove you were not at fault and deserve a respectable settlement offer.

There is pressure to take a quick settlement

Many injured individuals are surprised to hear the kind voice of the adjuster on the phone wanting to offer help quickly by expediting forms over for signing so that compensation can be sent promptly. It can be a relief to know that financial assistance is on the way to relieve growing medical debt, but often, these offers do not cover the damages you have already incurred or that you may face because of future medical treatments and therapies.

The damages you’ve suffered are more than what is offered

Some damages are easily calculated, like the economic damages that include your medical bills, lost days of work, and the cost of repairs. But there are also non-economic damages you have the right to be compensated for and are often more costly than the damages that have a dollar amount attached.

What happens if I reject an insurance offer?

It is essential to know that once a settlement offer is rejected, it is off the table. This step can seem intimidating because negotiating with an insurance company is tricky, but negotiating for a lower settlement amount is what they do for a living. Even individuals who are strong negotiators may struggle with insurance negotiation practices.


It will then be up to the insurance company to submit another offer, for you to submit a counteroffer, or for the insurance company to refuse to raise or accept your offer. Often, when the insurance company understands you have a dedicated attorney on your side, their willingness to offer a fair settlement becomes more evident. They understand what our team knows: the offer you received was unfair, and you will not settle for any less than you deserve.

File a personal injury lawsuit

Many people shy away from lawsuits because they don’t feel this is an appropriate avenue to take, or this action can complicate employer relationships if the accident happens at work, but this is far from reality. Filing a lawsuit is a proper legal step when your injuries are downplayed and not taken seriously. Often, mentioning a lawsuit and the retainer of a Chicago personal injury attorney is enough to end insurance company lowballing.

Hurt and wondering what to do? We can help.

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates understands when you have questions about what happens when you reject a settlement offer. This process is often new to most people because they’ve never suffered injuries that have required the possibility of a lawsuit before. Our team gladly offers a free consultation to answer your questions about settlement offers and explain how we can work to ensure your fair settlement after suffering a personal injury.

Reach us by calling (800) 985-1819 or contact us online. You have a say in the compensation you receive for your injuries, and we’re here to help.