Can Medicare Take a Portion of My Worker’s Comp Lump Sum Settlement?

  Question: I am eligible for a lump sum settlement from a work-comp injury.  I am 63, and I am receiving Social Security retirement benefits.  My attorney told me that Medicare would take a portion of my settlement if the amount were over $250,000.  Is that correct?  The lawyer states that this amount will be…

Can I be Fired for Retaliatory Reasons?

  Question: I was fired after telling my employer that I had sued one of their clients. I was told that if I sued them they wouldn’t give me any work. About a week later I got a call telling me I made myself unavailable for work, and they wouldn’t use me. Is this retaliation…

Am I Covered By Workers’ Comp Out of State?

Question: I was injured while working in another state, where the benefits are poor? Is there any way I can be covered under Illinois Workers’ Compensation?

Will My Compensation to Date be Deducted from a Permanency Award?

Question: I was hurt on the job in Oct 99. I have had surgery on my neck because I had 2 cervical fusions. It took the insurance company over a year to approve my surgery. I have been collecting wages from Oct 99 to present, though they have reduced my pay. I have collected about…

Would FELA Still Cover an Old and Worsening Injury?

  Question: In 1986 while working for the RR I injured my hearing running a track spiker. We had asked for hearing protection for several days in a row but the supervisor kept forgetting to bring them out to the job site. After several days of the screaming deisel motor located directly behind my seat,…

If I’m Injured on the Job with No WC Insurance, do I have Rights?

  Question: As a laborer, if I’m injured on the job and my employer doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance, do I have any rights?

Can a Mine Worker Get Disability if He Can’t Work Underground?

  Question: A mine worker suffering from PTSD due to a mine accident due to carelessness of employer, was fired by the employer because of inability to work underground. Can he get disability pension?

What Should I Expect from the Insurance After Back Surgery?

Question: I herniated 2 disks at work on 3-14-02. My doctor felt it best to operate on only one, which was done on 5-8-02. I am scheduled to return to work in Sept. What should I be expecting from the insurance company? I work for a major airline.

Can I Get Workers’ Comp and Sick Pay at the Same Time?

Question: Can a person draw both earned sick days and workman’s compensation at the same time? I have 100 sick days on the books that I don’t want to lose, especially if I am deemed unfit to return to work. As far as I know, there is one clause that states that we can draw no…

Is There a Time Limit for Contacting the WC Insurance Company?

Question: What is the time limit to contact the insurance company that handled the workman’s comp. claim to secure your monetary settlement?