Safety Tips to Prevent Bicycle Accidents from a Chicago Injury Lawyer


3 Safety Tips to Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Chicago is a sprawling metropolis that is bustling with activity at every turn. Traffic can be a nightmare, and this congestion can be dangerous for bikers.
Bikes are difficult to see compared to cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. Unfortunately, even with adequate protection, cyclists are susceptible to catastrophic injuries resulting from bicycle accidents.
Cyclists often suffer traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, along with many others. each of which can affect their quality of life.

Ride with Traffic

While scary for many, especially beginners, bicyclists should ride in the road and avoid sidewalks. The street has traffic rules, which offer some form of protection and order. Also, be sure to ride with the flow of the traffic.
Do not succumb to the temptation to cycle on an empty sidewalk. If a pedestrian should turn a corner and you hit him or her, then you may be liable for any resulting injuries. Wherever possible, use the paths or lanes specifically marked for cyclists.

Invest in Visibility and Safety Equipment

Cyclists have an array of exciting accessories available, many of which are both necessary and practical. Equip your bicycle with equipment that will make it more visible, such as red taillights, white headlights and reflectors. You should also wear bright clothes so drivers can see you. While Illinois does not have a law that mandates all riders wear helmets, these are critical for safety. We recommend that all bicyclists wear a helmet whenever cycling.

Obey Traffic Laws

Unfortunately, many cyclists take unnecessary risks in traffic. They weave between cars and look for quicker routes. This can lead to serious injuries, and if you are breaking traffic laws, then the driver may not be liable for your injuries in a bicycle accident.
Bicyclists must obey all safety protocols and traffic rules. Stop at red lights and stop signs. Signal your intentions clearly. Wait for people at crossings and intersections, and always keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. You should also avoid overtaking vehicles while on your bicycle at intersections because they may turn right and hit you. Lastly, avoid riding too close to parked cars in case the driver or a passenger suddenly opens his or her door. In the event a driver does open their door on you and you suffer injuries as a result, it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.
Collisions between bicycles and cars almost always end in catastrophic injuries. With no protection, a car or truck can cause paralysis or worse. Many times, these injuries can be life limiting and require ongoing medical treatment.
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