Chicago Accident Lawyer Discusses Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes and Injuries

Motorcycle riders are always at risk of serious injury from a motorcycle accident. Even experienced bikers face the risk of serious injury from the negligence of other motorists. If you were injured in a motorcycle collision that you did not cause, then a personal injury attorney may be able to help you pursue compensation from the liable party.
If the incident happened in Illinois, then a Chicago accident lawyer from Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates can evaluate your claim. You may be entitled to health-care expenses, lost wages and other damages. Call us today at (800)-985-1819 to schedule a consultation.

What can you do to lessen the risk of serious injury from a motorcycle accident?

Take Riding Courses

If you are new to motorcycle riding, then it is critical that you sign up and take a riding course. There are several organizations that can teach you the basics. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has courses that cater to all skill and experience levels.
If you have riding experience, then you could still benefit from taking one of these courses. For instance, you can take a course that teaches advanced riding techniques. In addition, your participation can reinforce safety guidelines that you may have forgotten. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss any of your riding concerns with a skilled instructor.

Maintain Your Bike

If you want to stay safe on the roads, then it is important that you maintain and prepare your bike for rides. You should perform a comprehensive check of your motorcycle before every ride.
Examine your turn signals, brakes, lights and chain. Your tires also require attention, and you should check their pressure and tread regularly. Take your motorcycle to a mechanic if you notice any unusual sounds or changes in the handling.

Use the Appropriate Safety Equipment

The right safety equipment can make the difference between life and death, or a minor and serious injury. It is best to use a Department of Transportation-certified helmet, long pants, a motorcycle jacket, full-fingered gloves, and high-quality eye protection.

Practice Defensive Riding

Many serious motorcycle accidents result from other drivers’ negligence, but if you drive defensively, then you may be able to avoid some of these collisions. You should always assume that other drivers have not seen you on the road. Be sure to indicate your intentions and check carefully before turning or making lane changes. If you prepare for the unexpected, then you may be able to avoid these precarious situations.

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