The numbers are in: Illinois car accident statistics for 2023

Illinois car accident statistics remain grim, and a commuter’s risk of involvement in a fatal accident is a daily concern. Most automobile accidents result from driver negligence. Speak with a Chicago car accident lawyer to determine if negligence contributes to a car accident and how Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates can help.

illinois car accident statistics

Are fatalities increasing in Illinois car accidents?

Fatal crashes in Illinois continue to climb over a five-year analysis, according to Fatal Crash Historic Data from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). However, the number of fatalities has slightly decreased from 2021. Illinois crash statistics for 2023 reveal:

  • Total number of fatal crashes: 1,169
  • Total number of deaths: 1,269

Illinois drivers travel an estimated 100 billion miles yearly. An average of three previous years indicates that around 285,000 crashes occur in Illinois annually. Crashes with deer account for an average of 5.2% of accidents. These collisions are often preventable by reducing speeds and avoiding distractions while driving.

Who suffers the most fatal injuries in these accidents?

Passenger and truck drivers are not the only individuals injured in Illinois car accidents. Crash historic data pinpoints the following fatality involvement. Each documentable group, except for work zones, saw increases in fatalities.

  • Pedestrian deaths: 204
  • Motorcyclist deaths: 160
  • Semi-truck fatalities: 133
  • Bicyclist deaths: 41
  • Work zone fatalities: 23

Reports illustrate that Cook County has the highest number of total fatalities. There are persistent factors that can predict an increased chance of collision no matter the type of crash. Black Chicagoans comprise only one-third of the city’s population. Yet, the Black Chicago population accounts for up to two-thirds of the individuals killed in traffic crashes, according to the City of Chicago report on persistent inequities in car accidents.

What road class in Illinois experiences more fatalities?

A  decrease in fatalities on city streets over the past years is promising. However, state roads and US routes saw increases in fatalities. According to Illinois crash statistics, fatalities by road class are as follows:

  • State/US routes: 484
  • City streets: 388
  • County/Townships: 214
  • Interstate: 173

Interstate roads have historically been the site of most accidents. Speed remains a recurring cause of interstate accidents. According to previous years’ reports, the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists was most at risk on local roads and streets.

What are the causes of fatal crashes in Illinois?

Illinois crash statistics averaged over multiple years demonstrate which factors significantly contribute to car accidents. For example, the time of day can influence the frequency and severity of collisions. Additional controllable factors (Pg. 59-62) can lead to car accidents in Illinois, including:

  • Speed: Speed contributes to 33.7% of all driving fatalities in Illinois. Males were more likely to speed, with speed contributing 74.6% to severe injuries and deaths in males 16-34.
  • Distracted driving: Approximately 3.6% of total crashes involve distracted driving. 19% of all fatal distracted driving incidents report at least one driver using a cell phone.
  • Alcohol: Over 22% of annual fatal crashes involve alcohol. Of those, 42.3% of drivers recorded a BAC greater than 0.01.

Discuss any Illinois crash with a Chicago car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Taking photos of the crash scene can help strengthen your case. Presenting a solid case is vital to seeking appropriate compensation for your injuries.

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