Illinois Elder Abuse Hotline

Nursing Home Abuse Hotline

Elder Abuse Hotline in Illinois

If you have witnessed abuse behavior of an elderly person or are concerned that someone you know is being abused or neglected, report it to the Elder Abuse Hotline in Illinois.1
All reports are subject to strict confidentiality provisions, except as provided by law.

How to Report Elder Abuse

Prepare to answer the following questions:

  • Victim’s name, address, telephone number, sex, age and general condition
  • Abuser’s name, sex, age, and relationship to victim
  • Circumstances that led you to suspect abuse or neglect
  • Whether or not the alleged victim is in immediate danger
  • Your name, telephone number and profession
  • All information relevant to the incident or concern

Federal regulation prohibits Medicare and Medicaid nursing facilities from employing individuals found guilty of abusing, neglecting, or mistreating residents by a court of law, or who have had a finding entered into the State nurse aide registry concerning abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents or misappropriation of their property.2 To search the Illinois State Nurse Aide Registry, visit http://

Abuse at Nursing Homes

If a nursing home has employed an individual who has been convicted of abuse in the past, federal law mandates that employee is not fit for working in a nursing home.  Performing background checks does not always guarantee that an employee is fit to care for nursing home residents. In a study conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2009, 92% of the 256 nursing facilities surveyed employed one or more individuals with at least one criminal conviction.3  Eighty-four percent of employees with criminal convictions had their most recent conviction prior to their beginning date of employment.4
The voices of the neglected and abused in our communities often go unheard. The Elder Abuse Hotline in Illinois serves as an outlet for these innocent victims.
To report suspected abuse, exploitation, or neglect of a senior, call 1-866-800-1409. This number is a 24-hour Adult Protective Services hotline.
If you are calling on behalf of a resident who live in a nursing facility, call 1-800-252-4343. This number will direct you to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Nursing Home Complaint Hotline.

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