Injury Lawyer Chicago News: Worker Dies in Construction-Zone Accident


Worker Dies in Construction-Zone Accident

Driving a vehicle anywhere in the United States is dangerous, but few venues can match the hazards of highway construction zones. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were approximately 87,600 crashes in highway work zones in 2010. The sudden change in speed and loss of a shoulder are certainly to blame for some of the accidents, but a growing number are caused by negligent drivers.

CBS News reports that a worker died after a driver swerved off the highway and crashed into a work zone. Police say the accident took place at approximately 11:00 a.m., and the driver collided with a fence before entering the work site. When police arrived, they found the driver had suffered minor injuries, and they initially believed the accident resulted from a medical emergency; however, they soon began to suspect the driver was impaired.
These sorts of work zone construction accidents are increasing in frequency for a variety of reasons. Impaired driving plays a role, but the distracted-driving crisis is also fueling the number of highway accidents. Drivers who aren’t giving the road their full attention often miss construction signs and cause accidents after failing to slow down or merging into another lane.

Illinois Police Are Working Hard to Stop Distracted Driving

Police are attempting to adapt to the new hazard by taking advantage of new laws allowing them to ticket texting drivers. CBS Chicago reports that the Illinois State Police recently organized a detail that was specifically looking for texting behind the wheel. Police say they are concerned that most drivers don’t seem to think they are doing anything wrong by reading messages while driving.
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Police Say a Driver Fled the Scene of a Highway Construction Accident

NBC News reports that another highway worker was killed in a car accident in Illinois last week. In this case, the construction worker was placing cones in the road from the back of a slowly moving pickup truck when the crash occurred.
Police say that Francisco Castillo recklessly swerved around the truck and caused the accident. The driver of the pickup truck and the man riding in the back were both injured. The second worker died shortly after.
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