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        Chicago Automobile Injury Attorneys

        Automobile accidents are often just that…unfortunate accidents. But in Illinois, an injured person can receive compensation if it can be proven that the person who caused the accident was negligent or careless, and contributed to the cause of injury.

        Speak to an experienced Illinois Auto Accident Attorney and they’ll tell you that time and details matter and can quickly become overwhelming following a car accident, especially if you’ve been injured.

        The longer a person waits to retain an attorney, the greater the risk of fading or degrading physical evidence. Over time, witnesses have difficulty recalling specific details that may be vital to your case.

        We’re often asked these common questions following an Auto Accident …

        • What if I have a pre-existing condition made worse by an accident?
        • What if the person who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance?
        • Should I give a tape recorded statement to another’s insurance company?

        A qualified auto accident attorney in Chicago can help you navigate safely through these and other issues, and should be consulted immediately if medical bills are expected to be greater than $3000, or an injury is expected to last more than a week or two.

        What Should I do if I am Involved in a Car Accident in Illinois?

        Even if you believe your accident to be minor in nature, you should keep good records, including:

        • Dates and context of all conversations with insurance companies and the names of the representatives you spoke with (never agree to a recorded conversation without first consulting an attorney)
        • Emergency visits or follow up medical exams (dates, prognosis and treatments, and treating physicians)
        • Obtain a copy of your police report.

        Common Injuries Associated with Auto Accidents

        Virtually any area of the body can be injured in a car accident depending on the circumstances and impact. The most common injuries include:

        • Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury
          • Concussion and severe traumatic brain injury
          • Loss of neurological function
          • Paralysis
        • Neck Injury
          • Sprains
          • Whiplash
          • Cervical disc injury
        • Lower Back Injury
          • Sprains/strains
          • Herniated discs
          • Fractured vertebrae
        • Facial Injuries
          • Contusions
          • Lacerations
          • Small bone fractures
          • Jaw and dental injuries
        • Internal Injuries
          • Trauma to ribs, kidneys, heart, lungs or other organs
          • Internal bleeding
        • Psychological Injuries
          • Short or long term emotion distress/stress disorders
          • Anxiety
          • Depression

        A free consultation with our attorneys can help ease your fears and protect your rights. If appropriate, we’ll arrange for an immediate investigation while evidence is fresh, including statements from witnesses and the Defendant, and photographs of the scene and the vehicles involved.

        For a free consultation to discuss your accident, please call our Chicago office at (312) 372-8822 or our Joliet office at (815) 723-8822.